About us

At DL Interior Design you will find a full team of professionals from the sector with a wide and diverse background in areas such as design, decoration and fashion, all under the direction of Débora Labarta. It is precisely this diverse and complementary experience that will help us offer you a unique, complete and varied perspective in bringing your designs to fruition. As a studio we are inspired by the stories and needs of each of our clients to imbue their homes and spaces with personality. This is because we faithfully interpret your tastes and needs and make a careful selection of exclusive pieces and furniture.

The search for quality, balance and harmony are basic concepts on which we base our work throughout Spain. It includes everything from homes, shops and professional offices to leisure and restaurant spaces.

Why us

For our team, you are what is important. We love getting to know you and adapting our work to your needs and personality. We listen carefully to your interests and we design spaces for your comfort, aesthetic inclination and style. Whether it’s a small renovation or a complete remodeling, we will adjust to your budget by designing your house or premises for what it is: something that is very personal. For this purpose, we also work with a network of top tier collaborators and suppliers of national and international prestige.

We want your spaces to define you, to make you happy. To do that, our professional team devotes itself wholeheartedly to creating designs that capture the essence of each client. We make your home or workplace the most powerful representative of your own personality, with a touch of distinction and elegance. We want your home to make you proud and take a lead role in all the stores you share with those closest to you!